Voice Control your Luma WiFi with Amazon Alexa.

You can pause, resume and prioritize your home’s WiFi on demand using Amazon Alexa and your Luma WiFi.

Play Setup Video

Enable the Skill

Download the Amazon Alexa app to enable the Luma Skill. It’s quick and easy.

Open Your Alexa App

Enable Luma WiFi Skill

Link Your Account

Pause and Unpause Your Network’s Wifi

Just Ask Alexa

More Things to Try

“Alexa, tell Luma WiFi to prioritize my device.”

“Alexa, tell Luma WiFi to resume my WiFi.”

“Alexa, tell Luma WiFi to pause my WiFi.”

“Alexa, tell Luma WiFi to pause Burke’s iPad.”

“Alexa, ask Luma WiFi to prioritize my device.”

For any Amazon Alexa related questions, please contact Amazon customer service.

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