Luma - Whole Home WiFi
1 Pack - $149

  • Get the fastest WiFi anywhere, on all of your devices, all at once.
  • Keep your kids out of harm’s way and set content filter ratings at the network level.
  • Lock down your home internet with enterprise-grade cybersecurity.
30-day money back
1-year warranty
FREE shipping (US)

Surround your home with WiFi that you’ll Love

Get super-fast WiFi everywhere in your home, unparalleled security features, and easy-to-use parental controls. Control your network from the palm of your hand, and never settle for weak WiFi again.

Coverage & Speed

Luma covers your home no matter how many devices you have, or how many people are on the network, with strong and fast WiFi.

Mesh WiFi
Prioritize Devices
Intelligent Network

Security, out of the box

No network should be without a good security system. Protect yours with cybersecurity used by large businesses, right from your home router.

IoT CyberSecurity
New Device Alert

Parental Controls

Use the familiar PG rating scale to control what your kids see on the internet, pause the internet, and set time limits and bedtimes at the touch of a button.

Content Filtering
Time Limits
Pause Internet

Frequently asked questions

How many Lumas do I need?

The number of Lumas required for a household may vary depending on size of the home as well as construction materials, which may impede network signal strength. The average Luma broadcasts a signal out to cover an 1000-1500 sq ft home. However, this is additionally dependent on materials and should be treated as a flexible range on a case-by-case basis.

Will Luma work with my current ISP?

There are no restrictions with which ISP the Luma can work. Luma is compatible with any wired ethernet ISP including: TWC, Comcast, Charter, Brighthouse, Cox, AT&T, FiOS, etc.

What level of security does Luma have?

Luma scans every outbound connection from your network to analyze the URLs and IP addresses in order to detect malicious traffic and infected machines. The traffic is compared against a database of malicious hosts including malware, spam, spyware, botnet and fraudulent. If filtering is set to Unrestricted, then Lumas will detect but not block the malicious activity. If any filtering is set to Restricted or any other lower level, then Lumas will detect and block the malicious activity.

What download speed can Luma support?

Our Luma WiFi routers utilize the 802.11ac wireless network standard. On the backside of the Luma, you will also see 2 ethernet ports which are able to handle speeds up to 1 Gbps(gigabit per second). That means you will have the latest wireless standard, as well as the fastest download speed around your home.

How does ‘content filtering’ work?

Luma accesses a vast variety of databases to base content filtering on and is constantly monitoring traffic for inappropriate content.

How do I set a bedtime restriction for a user?

The Bedtime feature gives Luma administrators the ability to set bedtime rules for individuals on the network. A bedtime schedule can be set per user for the entire week or just certain days. During the selected bedtime period, the user will have their Internet access paused until the set awake time.

Luma in the Press

Luma, a router that provides a boost to Internet speed and security.

Luma is designed to bring wireless networking to all parts of your home.

Luma offers a mesh network to ensure even coverage.

Device & Tech Specs

Size and Dimensions

Power Cord and Cables


IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz
Bluetooth 4.0 with low energy bluetooth
Surround WiFi enabled


Two Gigabit ethernet ports of WAN and LAN
USB 2.0


NAT, DHCP, VPN Passthrough

In the Box

Power adapter
Ethernet cable
Quick start guide


WiFi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2)


Quad-core processor
LED tri-color light ring

Luma Guardian is a subscription service that is your Personal IT Team

Available on the Luma app for iOS and Android

FREE 30-day trial, then

$5 / month

  • Privacy VPN
  • Device Antivirus
  • ISP Speed Monitoring
  • Premium Support

*Luma WiFi system is required

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