Far beyond a router.

It’s more than just reliable, fast WiFi. Luma is a complete
WiFi system that keeps everyone on the network safe,
and gives you full control over everything else.

Get the fastest WiFi everywhere.

No matter how many walls or stories your home has, Luma works around
them to give you the fastest WiFi in every room of your home.

Keep a close, personal network.

Luma secures your devices, neutralizes any threats automatically,
and keeps you in control of your network.

Grant Access

Choose who can, or who can’t access
your network with a simple swipe.

Built-in Hacker Protection

Luma protects your network 24/7 while
you think about better things.

Your network.
Your rules.

With a simple tap, you can pause the internet and even set some house rules for your network.

Pause the Internet

Dinnertime. Bedtime. Homework time. Or time-out. Just press a button to pause the internet whenever you need your kids' full attention.

Set the House Rules

Make sure your kids aren't getting the R-rated version of the internet. Luma makes it easy to set limits on what they can see online.

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