What the press is saying about Luma

“Luma is taking the approach of spreading multiple routers throughout the home to create a mesh network and improve coverage in every corner of a house.”
“Luma created a router with the similar goal of giving you easy-to-use wireless security…peak performance and speed.”
“The Luma Home WiFi System is designed to bring wireless networking to all parts of your home. It’s very easy to install.”
“Luma router offers a mesh network, that links the routers in the home to ensure even coverage.”
“Luma, Quite Improbably, Makes Wi-Fi Setup Funsetup is usually pretty easy
“Luma Makes Your Home Wi-Fi Smart, Secure, and Somehow Fun
“Unlike typical routers that have bewildering settings pages, Luma can be managed entirely through a simple companion app. “
“Luma is offering a new system of WiFi routers with cutting-edge security, parental control measures for children’s online devices, and more.”
Simple to set up, with a remote-accessible dashboard with family controls and malware blocking…its software is designed to help keep your family safe.
“Luma, a router that provides a boost to Internet speed and security
“With Luma, the company has built a router from the ground up with the strength, speed, and scale to support multiple devices and users”
” This wireless router makes setting up home Wi-Fi as easy as plug-and-play.
Luma has the ability to work with the Amazon Echo and allow users to control their home network via voice command.”
“Finally, Fast and Easy-to-Install WiFi. Luma delivers a more robust feature set than any other device we tested…”
Luma is the latest in a long line of home routers that fit the bill, and it could be one of the most interesting new options we’ve seen so far.”
“Just plug one or more Lumas in, and you can set everything up from your phone.”
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Press Kit

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